Autumn to winter 2018 and goodbye New Zealand

Well our updating has been very slack over the last few months. Partly because of inclement autumn weather delaying us from doing anything worth writing about, and partly because I forgot the log in details for the blog, Twitter profile and associated email addresses.

So here we are with what will be our last update from New Zealand.

I write this sat by the log fire in the front room of our house, looking our at the mountains on what is a chilly, overcast winter morning.

A day of mixed emotions lies ahead of us. Sadness as we say goodbye to our friends and housemates, and the reality of possibly never being back in Wanaka finally sinks in. Excitement as we look forward to our trip home, a journey that will take in China, Vietnam, Cambodia and a little bit of Indonesia.

We have had the best experience of our lives out here in New Zealand. We’ve been lucky enough to share that with some great friends, colleagues, housemates and the odd visiting friend and family member.

Whether it’s hiking the iconic Milford Track in perfect conditions, being at the Westpac Stadium to watch the British Lions defeat the All Blacks, or learning to snowboard for a winter, we’ve got memories that we’ll always hold dear.

Speaking of which, here’s a few things we’ve been up to since February. We have:

  • Hiked Ben Lomond
  • Re-walked the route to Lake Marian
  • Tramped to Liverpool Hut in Mount Aspiring National Park
  • Camped in The Catlins and Mavora Lakes
  • Taken an uncle on a road trip around the South Island
  • Enjoyed a couple of wine tastings
  • Taken a scene if flight from Wanaka to Milford Sound
  • Signed up for a Masters degree (Steph only)
  • Quit our jobs
  • Arranged our trip home
  • Sold our campervan and almost everything else we own

There were a couple of things we didn’t get to do due to the winter snow arriving much earlier than expected. Hiking up to Meuller Hut being the main one we missed out on, which was a big disappointment. To say that is the only thing we really didn’t get to do in our ever expanding list is pretty good though. We leave with no regrets, just many, many happy memories.

Thank you to everyone who helped make it such an enjoyable time. Hopefully we’ll see you again.

Here are the photos from the aforementioned jaunts, days trips, weekends away and holidays with visiting family. We hope you enjoy them.

To New Zealand, we’ll miss you. To our friends and family in the UK, we’ll see you in August.

Lots of love from Steve and Steph.


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