We’re here

We made it. This afternoon we touched down in Auckland after travelling from London to Paris, then to Tahiti.

So greetings from the future.
You’ll all be relieved to hear that Donald Trump is not yet in power and everything is still fine. Although I am 30 now, which is possibly more scary than the prospect of Donald Trump having the nuclear codes. Everything is going to be fine.

Steph is just going through her photos from Tahiti, so we’ll upload some of those in the next few days in a blog about our time in French Polynesia. It’s paradise, a total paradise. Just incredible. So beautiful. Check out some of our posts on Twitter for a little summary of what we got up to.

Tomorrow we’re off to do the boring but important jobs of opening our bank accounts, getting national insurance numbers and tax codes. Look out for the live tweets and our Periscope stream of that. It’ll be worth staying up for.

On Saturday we are heading to a car fair to try and find a campervan, then in the evening we’re off to Eden Park to watch the All Blacks play Australia. 

Yep, my first few days in New Zealand and I’m already realising a dream I’ve had for most of my life: watching the All Blacks playing rugby in New Zealand. As 30th birthday presents go, that’s a pretty incredible one.

We’re off out to find some beers and dinner now.

We’ll post again soon.

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