We’re going on an adventure


We’re Stephen Milnes and Stephanie Maskery.

Suffering from a quarter-life crisis, we quit our jobs in 2016. We left our home in Bristol (UK) and packed our bags for a twelve month antipodean adventure.

Because nobody has done that before…

So, tally up two more sheep for New Zealand’s ovine population.

Why we are going

We’re both in our late 20’s. I (Steve) turn 30 while we’re away, and we think that if we don’t do something slightly irresponsible, potentially stupid and very exciting now, then we’ll never have chance to do it at all.

We’re doing nothing original, we’re going to do a thing that countless people have already done. In fact since Brexit record numbers of Brits are considering a move to New Zealand.

We’ve been planning this since Easter 2015. We’re not going to find ourselves. We know who we are, we’ve got careers we enjoy, we can see where our lives are going – and that’s exactly what we want to avoid, or at least postpone.

Some people take comfort in grand life plans. For us, seeing our lives inexorably mapped out in front of us feels trapping.

We’re just two people running away from the pragmatic reality of what we probably should be doing, hoping a change can bring us something we’ll always remember.

Keeping in touch

One drawback of escaping to the other side of the planet is that we leave behind all our friends and family, and apparently some of them might miss us.

As we’re achingly middle class and work in media, we decided it’d be nice to catalogue our journey in some way so that family and friends can share in the things we see and do.

We’ll be blogging and podcasting as we travel around New Zealand. Reviewing and chatting about accommodation and activities, articulating thoughts during long rainy days inside our campervan, sharing photos and creating a library of whatever other rubbish we think other people might find interesting or useful.

Now, racked by our instinctive cynicism and good old British self-loathing, we despise the millennial cliché we have become yet simultaneously feel compelled to share it in this world of increasingly saccharine, narcissistic, loud-speaker communication.

If you must, you can follow our trip through our blog, our podcast and Twitter. Or don’t. Whatever.

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